Realtor Vs. Business Broker

Belize Business Brokers was founded by Entrepreneur Brad Reeder. Having opened, operated and sold multiple businesses in both the US and Belize, Brad is uniquely suited to understand your needs and concerns when started a business in a “origin country”.

When Brad first came to Belize there were no “Business Services” models (and Belize Business Brokers is still the only to this day) to help with evaluating the business potential, or to advise how to start a Belizean Corporation, navigate banking rules and regulations for foreigners and to help with licensing and permitting, immigration requirements and work permit submissions – all of the things you need to start a business in a foreign country.

We provide all of the above. We are NOT Realtors. Realtors evaluate a property (most often a residential property) and work in square feet and “do you like the view and location”). As a business broker, we help you navigate profitability, upfront starting cost, ROI and profitability. Quite simply, we look at the numbers, how much you will need to invest to receive the desired ROI (“Return on investment”) and evaluate your expenses.

A business is your single most important purchase in life – more than a home or condo. Why? The BUSINESS is what generates your INCOME. Your business pays for your home and lifestyle – a successful business is a successful lifestyle.

We’d like to help you create your Caribbean lifestyle.

Just as you wouldn’t hire a real estate agent to sell you a car / or repair that car because they don’t understand all of the moving parts and performance criteria, nor would you want a person selling you a business that doesn’t understand and have knowledge about “all of the moving parts”. We are professionals in Business, business evaluation and business consulting and Services – when investing in your life’s most important purchase, more knowledge and critical evaluation are crucial.

We are not here to “sell you” (whether that’s square footage or a nice view), but to advise and to help you make the most important purchase or investment of your life allow you to achieve your successful lifestyle choice and obtain your desired goals.

We look forward to speaking with you.