Moving, Investing or Retiring in Belize

Moving, Investing or Retiring in Belize?

We can help. Whether looking to buy a business, invest in land or property or just wanting to retire to the Caribbean and/or Central America (Did you know that Belize is the only country that is part of BOTH the Central American countries and Caricom, The union of Caribbean nations?) we’re here to help make the transition as easy and seamless as possible.

We are a full service business brokering advisory firm. Whether starting, buying or selling a business, there are a lot of things to consider and many “moving parts” to manage, from legal details, money transfers, banking, financing, tax implications (in both your home country and in Belize) and also the excitement, stress (and sometimes insecurity or fear) of moving to another country – and maybe starting a new business in a foreign country.

That’s why we are here. We are unique in that our firm is owner by an American, who has started, bought, sold and operated businesses both in the United States and Belize. When we came to Belize, we had a multi-year plan to open our business broker & advisory business. You should never seek advice from someone that has “been there-done that”. Until you actually do these things yourself, how can you properly advise others on important decisions. So, our business model included starting several businesses of our own in Belize, operating them, making them successful and successfully selling them (thus proving “proof of concept”).

You never want to do business with a financial advisor that is poor. Someone wanting to manage your money, but yet doesn’t have much of their own. That simply doesn’t make sense (unfortunately people do it all the time).

Likewise, why would you want a real estate agent to help you find a business that is profitable, when they haven’t actually run this type of business themselves?

Just like making wise financial decisions, you need to make wise decisions when coming to Belize, whether opening a business, buying an existing business or investing in a rental property (or even your own personal home), you need to “do the math”. Is this a sound financial plan? Does it make the most of my money?

Sometimes, it is more financially wise to rent a condo or home in Belize than to actually buy – a Real Estate agent would NEVER tell you this (they just want to close a deal and sell you a condo). We want you to MAKE THE BEST OVERALL FINANCIAL DECISION to enhance your lifestyle and help you live your Caribbean dream life.

Unlike a real estate agent, we not “sales people” – We’ve “been there – done that” having actually “walked the walked”. We’ve owned and operated our own successful businesses in Belize and we’ve helped others to do the same.

We have affiliates in the US and in Belize and can offer a full range of services to simplify and make your transition to Belize streamlined and efficient. From business evaluation, real estate appraisals, legal counsel, escrow funding, corporate creation and documentation, to permitting and licensing, we take care of your needs every step of the way.

While we are primarily a business broker and business consultant, we also find investment opportunities for equity groups or single investors and we can help to put on-site management solutions in place for these as well.