Belize Business Brokers was founded by Entrepreneur Brad Reeder. I am a lifelong entrepreneur/self-employed having started my first legitimate business at age 10 and selling it at age 16 to 3 business partners that I became involved with, all twice my age, in their thirties. Since then I started, developed and sold 4 additional businesses.

In 2006 I bought a business which had been wildly successful since it’s inception in 1983 (and I had done business with the owner since 1985). In 2006 this business had “withered” and was in a decline. From the purchase, we built the business back to it’s glory, then selling it at the end of 2013 for 4.5X our purchase price.

I had traveled throughout the Caribbean on business and spent several years visiting more than 20 islands/Caribbean countries. In 2015, my wife and I wanted to explore Caribbean living and had never visited Belize, so we took a trip. Four trips in 6 months and then we made the move. Since arriving in Belize, we managed a small hotel/bed & breakfast on the mainland, then moved to Ambergris Caye where I operated several small ventures before opening a new restaurant from a converted space that had been “a restaurant” previously (with no hot water, minimal electricity and no decor except for plastic tables and chairs). We built this into one of the top ten restaurants on the island and in less than a year were ranked #7 on TripAdvisor and received a “Traveller’s Choice Award” and “Best of Awards” from Tip Advisor (voted on by customer reviews). We sold this business and helped the new owner’s transition.

With more than 30 years in business in the United States (which involved negotiating tens of millions in contracts, contract and lease writing) and having owned/operated businesses in both the US and Belize, I have “actual experience in operations” and am familiar with Food & Beverage, Hospitality and hotel Industry and the Entertainment Industry (having been on all sides; talent, management, agent and agency, production for live events, television and film) so I can bring valuable experience to your project, share from first-hand experiences and knowledge.

In Belize, we have both listed and sold businesses, helped people to start business form the gourd up and have acted as the “buyer’s agent” for businesses to be purchased.

We are happy to discuss your needs, find your interests and your talent and then help to find the best match for a business in Belize that will allow you to live the Caribbean lifestyle you are looking for. Whether on a Caribbean Island or in the rainforest, we are familiar with the entire country and have developed network of professionals to help with all of your business and relocation needs.